There is NOT a paper entry for Rodeos or Reined Cow Horse.   

Read the instructions for Online Entry below or on the Forms and Link tab before entering.

THEN, click the "Online Entry Link" tab on this web page to get entered in an event.


Welcome to the MHSRA Online Entry app! Before you get started make sure you have:

REMINDER:  #1) You must be a National Member first.  Go to and 

click the REGISTER/MEMBER LOGIN in the upper right side on the main page.  Watch the instructional video.

#2) Next, you need to complete the paperwork on this web site for your MS membership.  

See the FORMS & LINKS tab for the state membership and minors release forms.

I CANNOT process your State Membership or Entry without your National registration and paperwork completed first.

If you do not complete Steps #1 and #2, you will not be in the member download.  This means you will not be able to enter a rodeo.  

I urge you to get this completed early!!