Membership Information

 *******MEMBERSHIP FORMS**********

Step 1: Become a National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) member. Tutorial and web page links are included within these instructions. 

- Here is a link to the step-by-step visuals to guide you through the process. 

- If you are a RENEWING NHSRA member, please DO NOT create a new account, sign in with your provided username [first time logging in? see email].  If you were a National Junior High member then you are RENEWING as a High School Member. RENEWING membership video:

- If you are a NEW member to NHSRA: please register a new account on the NHSRA Member Management Portal. NEW members registering video: 

- If you live outside of Mississippi and want to rodeo in our association, you will need to also print and complete the National Transfer Form.  

- After you have completed or updated your National Membership Profile, you will be prompted to print the forms. Follow the instructions on the forms and note which ones require a notary. NOTE: Both Parents must sign the form!!  They will send it back if both lines are not filled in.  You may put the reason only one parent is signing the form on the otherwise blank line (full custody, passed away, etc.)  The completed forms MUST be uploaded and attached to your profile.  The National office will not accept any paper forms. 

If you experience any problems with the new membership portal call 1-800-466-4772 and/or check the Help option. 

Step 2: Become a Mississippi High School Rodeo Association (MHSRA) member. 

- State Membership & Minor Release forms are posted to the web page under “downloadable forms” at the bottom of the page. Click download and print these forms. Follow the instructions provided.

- School Transcripts:

        o Any contestant that did not ride at the State Finals Rodeo or is a new member to MHSRA also needs to include a school transcription with the membership forms. The transcript must be from the last school year (2018-2019).

        o Any contestant that did ride at the State Finals Rodeo (High School or Jr. High 8th grade), does not need to send in another transcript. 

Transcripts MUST be mailed DIRECTLY FROM YOUR SCHOOL or this application WILL NOT be valid.  A complete grade transcript with 2018-2019 school year grades, grading scale, principal's signature and school seal or stamp on it!  Homeschoolers: Please provide proof of enrollment also.

Step 3: Mail Forms and Payment: Once your National membership profile is updated and all of your National and State forms are completed and notarized, you will mail the check and forms to:

MS High School Rodeo Assn.

c\o Christy Roberts

P.O. Box 1763

Lucedale, MS 39452

Membership fees for the 2019-2020 season will be $150.00. 

  - $124 is for NHSRA membership, which is NOT optional. $26 is for the MHSRA membership. Membership is currently open (08/01/19) and will remain open until the last day of May, 2020. YOU MUST complete all of the steps above and mail it in to the Secretary before the deadline for the first rodeo you plan to enter! Example: Rodeo 1 deadline is 9/3. With us kicking off ONLINE ENTRIES this year, it is vital! The online system checks to make sure you are a member before it will allow you to enter a rodeo. 

Step 4:  Adult Memberships are an optional item.  If you would like to become an adult member please print the form, located in the Forms & Links tab.  Complete the form and you can include it in the envelope with your child's other forms and payment.  The adult membership fee is $20 per adult.  The membership year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31.  


Please note:  The first rodeo entry will be opened as soon as possible. We anticipate the online form and payment to be ready around 8/26/19, which should give everyone plenty of time to get your entry in.  You will receive a confirmation number.  This number will be your receipt/proof of entry and full payment. Check the rodeo schedule for all "deadline" dates.  The deadline time will always be midnight.  Any online entry completed and paid in full for three days after this date and time will be considered a "late entry".  The late entry fee is $25 and should be added to your total entry payment.  A late entry is only accepted for the following three (3) days after a rodeo deadline.  The third day at midnight will officially close that rodeo from any further entries.  NOTE:  The online entry form will NOT be available after this date.  

***You MUST be a National and State member before you enter your FIRST rodeo!  Make sure to get this completed online and mail the forms in to me before the deadline of the first rodeo you enter. I'm not positive, but you may have to complete your membership first in order to enter online.  Better to be safe than sorry... so go ahead and get this portion completed.  (see Membership notes above)

ONLINE ENTRY FORMS are Under Construction!    Please check back around 8/26/19 for more information. In the meantime, you can process your State and National Membership and Minor Release forms.  You must have this process completed in order for the online entry to work smoothly. Keep a constant check for changes on the Message Board. As soon as we have more information and instructions, they will be posted.  See you soon!